Bee-Clean Building Maintenance


To us, innovation is about bringing the best value, best practices and best knowledge to the work we do for our customers.  To achieve that, we have a couple of key core values that we think set us apart from our competition:

Visibility: Awareness of what is changing and what services are being provided to our customers

  • Complete visibility into every planned change to janitorial services
  • Transparency in operating models and client requirements
  • Well aligned expectations maintained with effective communication with clients and facility users

Accountability: Providing responsibility for effective service delivery

  • Verification that services are being delivered and meeting pre-determined service standards
  • Identification and remediation of unplanned service incidences
  • Validation and updating of measures that ensures ongoing quality assurance monitoring and success

Measurement: Illustrating how changes will impact tenants / clients

  • Metrics and analytics of the impact on the client of the service
  • Use of recognized audit standards and metrics appropriate for different types of services
  • Reporting and communicating to service stakeholders

Improvement: Continual movement toward innovation in optimal service delivery

  • Intelligence that measures processes in order to provide improvement of service
  • The means to effectively plan and execute service changes
  • Investment in training and knowledge to equip our workforce
  • A full understanding of the costs both direct and indirect on service changes

Recognition: Acknowledging success

  • Meaningful recognition to recognize service excellence

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